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Flash Animated Button

Author: Aun | Email


11. Go back to the main stage by clicking the Scene 1 tab, then double click your button again to edit it. We're now going to work on the Over state.

12. Add a keyframe to the Over state.

13. Change the color of the text and then click the circle movie clip and click Command-B/Control-B to break it apart. We want to make it a new movie clip now.

14. You should have two symbols now. The black circle and the Layer 1. Select them both and click F8 to make them a new movie clip.

15. This time reanimate the both the Layer 2 and Layer1. I will make the Layer 1 grow larger to fill up the Layer 2 circle. This time, add a stop motion on a new layer at the end of the animation. This is, or course, is optional.

16. Preview your button.

17. If you want to add a Down state, just follow the same steps for the Over or Up states.

18. Add a hit state to cover the entire button and you're all set.

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