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Creating Cursors in Flash

Author: Divinity | Email


In this tutorial we will learn how to create a simple cursor. This topic will also cover how to make a simple Animated Cursor.

To start off, Open your flash file, and create a Flash Document (ActionScript 2.0)

Set the FPS to 18, and the dimensions as 550px X 400px

Since this tutorial consists of using one movie-clip, one Frame and one Layer, start by pressing "Ctrl + F8" on your keyboard. This creates an Empty Symbol.

Replace the "Symbol 1" with "cursor".
Open the Properties Panel (Ctrl + F3) and change the instance name of this symbol to "cursor" (lower case).

Make sure the symbol is a Movie Clip.

Press OK in the symbols duocument.

Drag your symbol from the Library (Ctrl + L)

Click the layer you are working in, and click the first frame in that layer.

Open the Actions panel (F9) and type for that frame:

startDrag ("_root.cursor",true); //this is telling the mouse to drag the cursor.
Mouse.hide(); //this hides the mouse

Press Ctrl + Enter to test your cursor. it SHOULD be working. if now,download the source below. to Animate this cursor, double click the Movie clip.

change what you want in the first frame and press F6; then add something new to the new frame you just added. continue until the animation is to your satisfactory. Thanks for looking at this tutorial.
Download Source File

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