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Converting CSV Data into XML Data

Author: Matthias Davis | Email
Website : www.multdmedia.com


Loading in the CSV Data

To load in the CSV data into Flash we will use Zinc commands, in particular a command called mdm.Dialogs.BrowseFile.show

(http://www.multidmedia.com/support/learning/help/HTML/zinc/2.5/dialogs_browsefile_show().htm)to display a Browse Dialog so that the user can choose which

CSV file to load and also mdm.FileSystem.loadFile (http://www.multidmedia.com/support/learning/help/HTML/zinc/2.5/filesystem_loadfile().htm) which we will

use to actually load the file. In the sample FLA, the function openCSV does this for us :

function openCSV() {
mdm.Dialogs.BrowseFile.filterList = "CSV file|*.csv;*.txt";
mdm.Dialogs.BrowseFile.title = "Open CSV file";
mdm.Dialogs.BrowseFile.buttonText = "Open";
var csvPath = mdm.Dialogs.BrowseFile.show();
if (csvPath != "false") {
csvData = mdm.FileSystem.loadFile(csvPath);
mdm.Dialogs.prompt("CSV file loaded!");
csvData = csvData.split("rn").join("n");
if (csvData.lastIndexOf("n") == csvData.length-1) {
csvData = csvData.substr(0, csvData.lastIndexOf("n"));

Here is a line by line explanation of this code :

2 to 4) These lines customise the text shown on our Browse Dialog so that only CSV files can be opened
5) Displays the Browse Dialog - The file path of the selected file will be placed in the variable 'csvPath'
7) Loads the file selected by the user and places the text data into the variable 'csvData'
8) Displays a dialog prompt informing the user that the file has been loaded.
9) This line ensures that return carraiges are read properly into Flash
10 - 11) Some CSV files have an ending return carraige, some dont. This code ensures that this ending return carraige is removed

Now we have imported the data into Flash we can now process it and turn it into XML data.
Download Source File

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