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Thread: 3D Maze

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    Exclamation 3D Maze

    So I'm trying to get started working with 3d stuff in Flash. I have Flash 8.

    The site I would like to make looks like this one:


    The tutorial I'm trying to use to get me there is here:


    (this has a downloadable file of the 3d maze and a short tut on the site. I'm so confused. I stopped trying to make sense of all the math for now and just edit this tut to fit my needs. (i.e. changing the color of the wall and tiling a wallpaper instead, creating shadows, giving the illusion of a ceiling, buttons, etc) ...but I ran into some problems.

    SO.............If anyone knows where I can find a really dumbed down tutorial on how to get this 3d maze effect; ya know one that walks you through each step thourouly. Sp?

    Please let me know, I'd like to get a jump on this and see what beautiful stuff I can make in the world of 3D flash!


    If anyone has the time to pick apart the file I've been using in the tutorial listed above, and check out the site I'm trying to make (also above), I have these questions about whats going on in that maze of theirs. -listed below-

    But really guys, I need tons of help .. so a better tutorial would do the trick.

    Anyway(while editing the tutorial file):
    1. I edited the wall picture to be a tiled wallpaper instead of plain blue. Which works fine when I retest the movie. But they also have a triangle object that somehow creates the sidewalls skewed to look real. What is this doing? How does the triangle line up to make the skewed square wall piece? Cause my triangle thing is giving me funny results, I don't know what it's supposed to do,

    2. I added some filters to the movie and had to then, change the flashplayer to 8 instead of 5. And now the maze doesn't do anyting at all right. So the code in the newer player had um.. changed since the flash 5 version.

    3. I'd like to control the maze movement with a mouse like in the example site rather than the keys as in the tut.

    4. How the heck to I put buttons on the page when all the walls are made up of the same movie clips? I'm confused.

    5. Is there a way to fine tune the zoom values or something to give it intermintent and diagonal points of view rather than the squared up ones in the tutorial.

    6. How do I add a 'back' key and function to the maze to make it look like you're walking backwords?

    See.. I'm needy as always!

    Any help is greatly appreciated. !!


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    I know how it feels pal! 3D maze is certainly something of a charm, however there is but one thing I would like to let you know and that is the arrival of flash player 10 from Adobe. It has got some awesome features and I am sure you will love it. Besides the 3D maze would only look all the way better than we expect. It would have been better had the game contained some roads and cars and all!

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