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    Default Script activation delay

    hi all, i need a script that fires every 5 seconds, and that in those 5 seconds is not possible to use it, can you help?

    is this:
    onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
    if (Key.isDown(65)) {

    how can I make sure that it is usable every 5 seconds?
    i use flash cs5 as2

    sorry my english

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    You can do this a number of ways. First is by using the getTimer() function. Second, you can find a Timer class that someone has already made and tweak it. Third, you can make your own Timer class using getTimer() or some class, such as the Date class.

    First method is relatively easy and requires few lines of code.
    Second method depends on how good you are at using google. Considering (and only considering) that you are asking for a solution to a timer problem, I assume that google searching is not your strong point.
    Third, this would be relatively hard, considering what was stated above.

    If you want to use the getTimer() function:
    set a variable to getTimer().
    continuously check if getTimer() >= variable + 5000 (getTimer() gives you amount of milliseconds the movie has been playing, so 5000 is equal to 5 seconds with compared to getTimer()).
    if getTimer() >= variable + 5000, then call whatever function, and reset variable to getTimer();

    Now, how you implement this is up to you. Since you are using the enterFame parameter for onClipEvent function, then you can simply turn my words into actual code, and instead of calling a function, just put your if statement inbetween my if statement.

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