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    Red face "PLEASE HELP ME!!!! " Protecting a video.....

    "Please HELP me...."

    I wanted to create a flash presentation including sounds, animations, videos and stuff and write it into a CD with an autorun. so i'm already done with that subject. I copied all the videos into the CD. but i want to protect them from copying. Coz, anyone can copy all the videos in my CD and share with everyone but I don't want to let that happen.

    "Please tell me a way to protect my videos!!!!!!"

    THIS IS URGENT, I have to give my presentation to my boss tomorrow!!!!! I have no much TIME... Please please Please!!!!

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    Lol. Sorry bro. There is no way to protect anything that you show. If you ever show it, it can be copied, period. But um.... good luck with accepting that fact.

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