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    Default Educational Pairs Game

    Hello forums,

    although this is my first post, I do appreciate your thoughts on our new (and first) flash game: http://www.speedolino.de

    We spent about 6 months of night-work, beeing an automotive software engeneer at daylight. Our toolset is Flash CS5 and FlashDevelop 3.x

    My other team mate is named "rob", together we are rob'n'roll games. rob is the artist and i am the code monkey.

    The game aims to push your brain up to the next level. This is done by solving a pairs game alternating with math calculation tasks. That way your left and right hemisphere (brain) creates new joins to be more productive and creative!

    So, what do you think? Any comments?

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    The page loads quite a while though that would be solved with some sort of cookie you can save on the visitor's browser. The wallpaper looks nice but I think that could help lessen the amount of time the web site will load. I actually like your page if not for the big advertisement banner on the side. But I guess that comes with the sites we have nowadays.

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